Operated by skilled & well experienced employees, whole production process is being guaranteed with high quality control procedure. It is synergy of precise, mechanical aspects of technology with creative human spirit.

Weaving department is supported by Toyoda Air Jet Loom JAT 710 wich has 1000 rpm speed. It is assists in efficiency, quality and we do advancement in new technology development.



NoYarn CountCompositionConstructionWidthRemark
120 x 20Poly 100%88 x 50160Twill 2/1
230 x 30Poly 100%116 x 52160Twill 2/1
340 x 40Poly 100%116 x 72160Platt
430 x 30Poly 100%82 x 72125Platt
540 x 40Poly 100%88 x 76160Platt